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Welcome Baby Program - Kit for New Parents

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Babies Don’t Come With Instruction Manuals

That’s why First 5 San Diego provides the Kit for New Parents to answer some of the
questions commonly asked by parents who have children ages 0- 5 years old.

·      “When should my baby sit up?”

·      “What is that rash?”

·      “When do I start toilet training?”

·      “What kinds of stories should I read?”

·      “How do I pick a good day care?”

The Kit is provided free of charge and is available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Korean.  Some of the resources included in the Kit are:

“What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick” – This easy-to-read book answers questions many parents have regarding their child's health and common illnesses. A great guide for helping parents determine when to treat an illness at home and when to call or see a healthcare professional.

Advice for new parents booklet – This comprehensive booklet is divided by “ages and stages” for easy reference, marking key milestones for parents to track how their baby is developing.

Celebrity hosted DVD – Covering everything from oral health and child care to safety and discipline, the DVD prepares parents for their child’s early years.

“Puppy and Friends” (Baby’s First Book) – An interactive reading adventure for parents and babies to enjoy together. Filled with stimulating colors and textures to encourage brain development, babies can touch and feel puppy's fur, nose and toy.

Developmental Pocket Guides – Easy to carry pocket guides provide information on the various stages of a child’s development from birth to 5 years old.

Growth Chart – Parents can measure how tall their children are getting with this growth chart. The chart also provides developmental targets for children (similar to the Developmental Pocket Guides) The Growth Chart is in English on one side and Spanish on the opposite side.

Poison control magnet – This refrigerator magnet helps parents keep important safety and emergency contact information readily available.

Text For Baby – Expecting parents can receive health text messages by enrolling in Text4Baby.  The service is completely FREE- and is sponsored by all of the major mobile phone service providers.  Topics include labor and delivery, nutrition, breastfeeding, safe sleep, prenatal care, smoking cessation, exercise and immunizations.

Your Choices Brochure – An informational brochure that describes the services offered by First 5 San Diego.